How to Travel for Business Safely

While most business trips have come to a halt, there are some professions that have to travel for work. Most of us are trying not to think about the billions of germs, pathogens and harmful contaminants in the airports, on planes and other places we must navigate to get to our destinations. As it is a known fact that planes carry all kinds of bacteria, and they can linger for days.

As such, we’re also trying not to think about the other pollutants that linger in every social space we occupy or visit, but unfortunately, harmful contaminants are all around us—on public transportation, at schools, our homes and even in our seemingly clean office spaces. With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever are we are rushing to find preventative safety measures as fast as we can.

As we continue social distancing, our social outings remain minimal, and we find little joys from weekly grocery shopping or food pickups. But we’re still, for the most part, avoiding restaurant dining, playdates and getting too close for comfort to anyone—including family.

To put it plainly, everyone is looking for a way to get back to our normal routine. So, the question remains: Is it safe to travel right now regardless of distance and transportation options?

As tough of a question as that might be to answer, we’ve come up with a few ways that make traveling significantly safer:

Air & Surface Purification System

ActivePure Technology was designed to safely purify and protect the air and surfaces in your space. It works continuously to reduce airborne and surface contaminants 24 hours a day, seven days a week by drawing in regular air molecules, turning them into powerful oxidizers and hydroxyls, and expelling them from the unit back into the air. Millions of ActivePure Molecules rapidly seek and destroy airborne and surface pathogens, including microscopic RNA viruses, DNA viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi. Our Certified Space Technology actively works to remove harmful gases, allergens, toxins and contaminants with measurable and proven results.

Travel by Car

Traveling by car is another way to travel responsibly during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The best way to go about this is by taking precautions—traveling short distances to avoid public restrooms or packing enough snacks and drinks to avoid having to stop.

Indoor Dining

If the restaurant you are visiting doesn’t have ActivePure Technology installed (look for their window badge) don’t eat indoors. You should try to choose outdoor dining or takeout instead. Even a large, well-ventilated space can still succumb to bacteria and harmful pathogens unless it is protected with ActivePure. Be sure to wear a mask, bring sanitizer and try to keep (at least) 6-feet of space between tables.

Take Extra Cleaning Measures

On top of making sure you and your coworkers are constantly washing hands, make sure to wipe down any surfaces before use. It’s a good idea to check the cleaning protocols set at the vacation rental or hotel before you get there—that way if it’s necessary to bring additional cleaning supplies, you’ll be prepared.

Portable Surface and Air Purifying Units

Best of all, be sure to pack an ActivePure Technology AP 500. The Aerus AP500 with ActivePure Technology electronic air purification system is designed to target smaller rooms with the proven benefits of ActivePure Certified Space Technology. The Aerus AP500 with ActivePure Technology works as a stand-alone and is considered a plug-and-play model.

A standard 120-volt outlet on the side of the unit allows for mounting over an existing wall outlet without inconvenience. Includes a removable, washable filter.

The Aerus AP500 with ActivePure Technology is perfect for small spaces and also compact enough to fit in a suitcase to take with you while traveling.

For a more thorough approach, our state-of-the-art air and surface purification systems with patented ActivePure Technology add an extra layer of protection to all indoor spaces. The proprietary technology works actively and continuously to protect against viruses, bacteria and other harmful contaminants to keep everyone safe.

Get yours today and make it the road trip essential you never knew you needed.

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