Innovation as the Best Preparation for the Next Great Health Crisis

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ActivePure Technology and the Path Forward

Emerging from a global crisis of unprecedented proportions in our lifetime, even those in healthcare-related fields and those well-versed in healthcare policy have begun to turn their attention to lessons learned. Policymakers and leaders across the public and private sectors are asking how we can best prepare and protect ourselves from future health crises situations.

ActivePure Technology, featured in a recent article on, has been identified as one of the best-in-class innovations that offer preparation for and potential protection from future health crises. Proven to reduce 99.9% of the virus that causes COVID-19 in the air and on surfaces, ActivePure is seen as a leading preventative measure for countering the effects of dangers presented by everything from everyday germs and dust that congregates in air filtration systems to the threat presented by a worldwide pandemic.

The global leader in active, continuous surface and air disinfection systems for healthcare and educational institutions, commercial and public facilities, and hospitality and residential applications, ActivePure Technologies has introduced a clear solution to help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The FDA-cleared device solution is ideal for use in schools and large organizations and works equally well in medical offices, labs, and clinics.

The recent RealClear Health article provides insights on how we might "beat tomorrow's pandemic today" through the application of new technology and innovations, such as ActivePure Technology products, that have been introduced to the marketplace in recent years. "A legitimate concern, regardless of one's politics," writes Rogers, "is over how we might close this chapter on COVID-19-moving from lockdowns to re-openings-as we simultaneously prepare for the next great health crisis. What we know for certain is that we cannot fight tomorrow's pandemic by just looking backward at Covid-19. Medical progress requires innovation."

Such a commitment to innovation is at the forefront of the ActivePure philosophy. The focus on innovative and comprehensive solutions led to the development of a technology that makes every indoor space safer by reducing viruses, bacteria, odors and volatile organic compounds on surfaces and in the air. The application of the groundbreaking technology is already protecting spaces of all sizes in government, healthcare, education, commercial offices and in homes worldwide.

"With FDA clearance, ActivePure Technology provides a way back to school and work, while it allows public health agencies [the] opportunity to make ready for the next pandemic. The technology, developed for the NASA Space Program, targets multiple pathogens, including the virus that caused COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces, destroying them."
~ Jerry Rogers,

In the RealClear Health article, editor Jerry Rogers, also the host of the "Jerry Rogers Show" on WBAL News Radio, raises concerns about the long-term costs associated with lockdowns and school closures. Rogers makes the case for a proactive stance on the part of schools and businesses, raising two key questions in the article:

  • What if there was a technology or tool to mitigate the demand for long shutdowns during a pandemic?
  • What if we can get children and teachers safely back to school full-time and keep them safe?

Already, data indicates that the greatest deficiency in combatting Covid-19 was the lack of mitigating strategies to control its spread. The private sector's proactive stance and progress before and during the pandemic, supported by funding availability through Covid relief resources, has led to products such as ActivePure Technology being recognized as the solution for a "clear a path forward for safe indoor air and surfaces in schools and other public venues."

Just as leading companies in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries worked to bring forward vaccines in response to the global health crisis, innovative companies in technology were also hard at work making sure their existing technologies were effective on these new pathogens. ActivePure Technology and similar innovations are "the future of medical progress," writes Rogers. “We can beat tomorrow's pandemic today."

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