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As business reopen and more retail locations are welcoming customers back into their stores, the health and safety of shoppers is top of mind. How can companies ensure the spaces they occupy are safe outside of the standard safety guidelines—such as masks, daily cleanings and sanitization processes? And additionally, with increased activity in stores, customers are occupying these spaces for extended periods, picking up items and putting them back, while employees are restocking products and transporting materials.

With all of that happening simultaneously, viruses, germs and bacteria spread while on surfaces and in the air. Retail stores must give their employees, customers and visitors peace-of-mind that their store is safe by ensuring them that the store has invested in their health and safety. According to a Deloitte study, 62 percent of in-store customers want to see surfaces clean after each interaction, and 59 percent want to see cleaning precautions and preventions taken.

London Harness, a gift, luggage and leather goods retailer, immediately understood the importance of making their stores clean and safe for shoppers. The business installed 15 air and surface purification devices with ActivePure Technology in nine of its stores.

Demien Wendrew, volunteer president of the Wellesley Square Merchants' Association and co-owner of London Harness, recognized that he didn't utilize additional safety measures, customers would have been less likely to shop at London Harness. He knew they had to make an effort to improve the health and safety of their employees, customers and guests.

London Harness owners Amy Lynch and Demian Wendrow, with their daughter Addison.

"The right air purification system with excellent air filtration and locally installed air purifiers help eliminate contaminants in shopping malls and retail facilities," Wendrew said. ActivePure Technology has helped Wendrew combat dust, allergens, pollutants, and viruses from the air and surfaces in each store.

ActivePure Technologies' air and surface purification systems are built and designed with reliable and science-based technology proven to keep indoor spaces protected. It works differently than capture-based air purification devices because ActivePure is active-based—meaning powerful ActivePure Molecules are released into the room, which actively seek and neutralize contaminants. ActivePure's process happens in real-time, and it's one of the fastest and most continuous systems available.

Based on NASA technology, retailers don't have to worry about recontamination or cross-contamination as people filter in and out of stores. ActivePure takes care of the sanitization process and ensures total confidence in customers wishing to return to in-person shopping. Retail stores must take proactive action to listen to their shopper's needs while giving them peace of mind.

Learn more about ActivePure Technology and how it works to reduce contaminants on surfaces and within the air by visiting or call 888-217-4316.


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