SmellBusters: The Importance of Dehumidification and Air Purification

A man holding his nose, smellbusters is a program by Aerus that customized indoor air quality and odor issues in residential and business environments.

Strange odors can be an indicator of a deeper issue in your home. Identifying said issue can be complicated without proper testing, and finding the right solution relies heavily on the proper identification of the issue. However, assistance from qualified air quality experts can make the process hassle-free. Our partner, SmellBusters by Aerus, provides custom solutions for your air quality issues by addressing two key problem areas: air purification and dehumidification.

SmellBusters’ Two-Prong Solution

Air Purification

Strong odors in your home can mean that microscopic particles are contaminating the air you breathe, which is why it’s essential to use an air purifier. Air purifiers provide a necessary component when it comes to physically reducing contaminants that could cause odors. Most air purifiers filter for large particles such as dust, pet dander, smoke, and some unwanted odors; however, many passive air purifiers will fail to catch particles in the filter before they settle on surfaces or come in contact with an individual. The general rule of thumb is: “if you can smell it, there are particles in the air and in your nose.”

Our proprietary technology proactively reduces odor-causing contaminants like bacteria or mold both in the air and on surfaces – no longer relying on the contaminants to inefficiently reach a filter.

Air purifiers Powered by ActivePure® Technology create molecules that come in contact with contaminants all around the indoor space. The molecules then inactivate the contaminants wherever they reside, reducing the odors or odor-causing bacteria.

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When it comes to odor control, dehumidification is often the easiest solution to reducing odors caused by wet environments. Mold and mildew tend to flourish in moisture-ridden spaces with a lack of air flow like basements, bathrooms, crawlspaces, and more. An excess of moisture in the air can not only feed mold and mildew but also odor-causing bacteria, which can pose a threat to residents as inhalation of spores and bacteria can lead to serious illnesses. By reducing the humidity levels, a dehumidifier starves bacteria and spores from water, which is essential for limiting growth and reproduction.

The SmellBusters Process

While there may be small variations based on regional factors, in general your SmellBusters service will include the following steps:

Step 1: Test Your Air Quality – Our SmellBusters experts will come to your home for a variety of tests using a laser particle counter, a UV light, and air and surface humidity tests to identify problem areas. Further tests may be conducted to determine if there are dangerous VOC gases present.

Step 2: Recommended Plan of Action – After completing tests and identifying potential issues, our experts will develop a custom SmellBusters solution that will address your home’s needs. Our experts will set up your custom solution, ensuring it is properly working, and educate you on maintenance and device health.

Step 3: Implement Your Custom SmellBusters Solution – Our air quality experts will start with our proprietary Beyond by ActivePure Blast. This is an initial solution that removes odors and purifies the air and surfaces in your space while the SmellBusters team installs the rest of the solution. Depending on the testing results, a permanent dehumidification and/or air purification solution that addresses the needs of your home will be installed to address on-going issues.

A Smell-Free Future Awaits

Receiving a custom solution can not only save you money, but it can also quickly alleviate your odor issue by addressing the source of the odor. With ActivePure’s proprietary technology and Aerus’ dehumidification efforts, SmellBusters provides customers with efficient solutions guaranteed to reduce odors and improve the overall quality of the air in your home. Request a free consultation, which includes an air quality and humidity test, today.

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