How Businesses Can Combat the Next Surge of COVID-19

COVID-19 is here to stay, and the next surge in cases is inevitable. The government response has been outpaced by both technology and the speed of events. It is up to private organizations to protect their business interests and personnel by taking the lead on improving infrastructure without sacrificing sustainability.

Such was the theme of ActivePure's second online forum this year, “At the Intersection of Infrastructure and Sustainability: The Future of Corporate Resilience,” held on August 10.

The panel for the forum consisted of:

  • Dr. Deborah Birx: former White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator. Dr. Birx was also the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator under two presidents. She served 28 years in the United States Army, retiring with the rank of colonel. Dr. Birx is now Chief Medical and Science Advisor to ActivePure.
  • Heidi DuBois: Global Head of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) at AEA Investors, a premier middle market private equity firm. Dubois analyzes the ESG practices of dozens of portfolio companies.
  • Chris Wallace: President and CEO of the North Texas Commission, a public-private partnership dedicated to the greater prosperity of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Wallace is ranked as one of North Texas's most prominent business leaders and has been instrumental in organizing communication between public and private stakeholders during Texas's COVID-19 response.
  • Amy Carenza: Chief Commercial Officer for ActivePure. Carenza has over 20 years of experience assisting mid-cap and large-cap companies strategically identify and optimally execute growth opportunities; her research in this vein has garnered multiple patents.

The discussion focused on why private organizations need to protect their indoor spaces and ESG goals, and how they can accomplish both.

The panel reached 5 conclusions you can use to guide your organization's next steps. Download the full executive summary to learn more.

"This is really a moment in time that will separate those who are moving into the 21st century [from] those who continue to use 20th-century tools.”
—Dr. Deborah Birx

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