ActivePure Executives Join Wharton Business Daily to Talk Indoor Air Quality and the Return to Normal

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As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to reshape the business world, the return to office life is in full swing across the country. Recent White House guidance has placed the importance of indoor air quality high on the minds of business leaders and owners of commercial real estate. These guidelines offer tips and regulations on how employers can invest in the improvement indoor air quality as an added layer of protection for employees, visitors, and customers, including the use of science-backed technologies like ActivePure.

ActivePure's Chief Medical and Science Advisor, Deborah Birx M.D., and Chief Commercial Officer Amy Carenza recently joined the Wharton Business Daily to discuss these ongoing efforts toward improving indoor air quality in office buildings as millions go back to work. As respected leaders in their fields, Dr. Birx and Carenza have played an integral part in helping large corporations and organizations find a solution to improving indoor air quality while also meeting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) benchmarks.

The Wharton Business Daily regularly features top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and faculty from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School. Each episode offers listeners a glimpse into the latest news, trends and major developments in the business world. In this latest interview with two of ActivePure's leading executives you will gain insights from industry experts on the current state of COVID-19, air purification technology, and the future of indoor air quality for schools and businesses.

While not a new concern, indoor air quality has quickly become an organizational imperative in the wake of a global pandemic spread through highly contagious respiratory pathogens like the COVID-19 virus. While most believe increased ventilation and filtration is enough to address indoor air quality concerns, its limitations pose risks and increased environmental impacts. Although ActivePure's advanced air and surface technology has been around for more than 60 years, its technology has become increasingly critical to help organizations effectively counteract the stresses of the pandemic and contagious airborne pathogens.

A major takeaway from the global pandemic was the reminder and recognition that invisible threats like viruses make it difficult to know how well a physical area is protected and whether employees are at risk from airborne particles. Traditional ventilation can take up to three hours for a complete air change and removal of any airborne particles, but the possibility of recontamination increases over longer periods of ventilation time. ActivePure Technology, by contrast, continuously works to reduce pathogens in the air and on surfaces in real-time.

"If you do not put in an extra layer of protection of continuous and active reduction in the virus content of the air, then you'll continue to have transmission," Dr. Birx explains in the podcast. "We are trying to deal with and actively work with buildings, managers, and CEOs because it is invisible, and this technology continuously acts to reduce the viral load in the air."

At ActivePure, the goal is clear: empower organizations to help their people survive and thrive under pandemic-related pressures by giving them reassurance of a healthy work environment. Dr. Birx and Carenza have partnered to share the importance of indoor air quality, providing insight on the state of the pandemic as well as steps businesses can take to simultaneously address ESG criteria and indoor air quality.

ActivePure brings the same process that lessens the spread of transmission outdoors to the indoors. Through Advanced Photocatalysis, the technology creates therapeutic molecules that help retain the comfort of indoor spaces while retaining the safety of outdoor air.

"We applaud the moves that have been made to improve ventilation filtration, but you have to at some point acknowledge the innate limitations and start looking to new emerging technologies that can disinfect the air in a room," Carenza said on the radio show. "Helping to get that narrative out and helping people understand that they have a choice and options available to change the course of this pandemic is ultimately a good news story."

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